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5 fastest windsurfers in the world

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The 5 fastest windsurfers on Earth


#5 Patrik Diethelm - Switzerland - 50.62 knots (500 m)

Sail number: SUI 20
Weight: 92 kg
Height: 183 cm
Age: 41

Patrik achieved his fastest speeds at the Luderitz Speed Canal in Namibia. His speed records are quite something with a current average speed of 51.45 knots. Over the 500 m run he clocked in at 50.62 knots. His fastest speed of all peaked at 53.53 knots and his fastest run over 100 meters is currently 53.17 knots.

Patrik recored 52.21 knots over 250 meters.


#4 Bjorn Dunkerbeck - Switzerland - 51.17 knots (500 m)

Sail number: SUI 11
Weight: 102 kg
Height: 191 cm
Age: 44

Bjorn established his personal bests at the Luderitz Speed Canal in Namibia. He still remains one of the top windsurfers of our time and is currently the 4th fastest windsurfer alive. Bjorn has an average speed of 51.38 knots. Over the 500 m run his best was 51.17 knots putting him in the 4th position. He nailed an impressive 53.14 knots over 100 meters and his all-time fastest speed peaked to 53.37 knots. His 250 meter run is also worth a mention, 52.43 which goes to show the consistency of this mans abilities.

Not far behind number 3.


#3 Jurjen van der Noord - Netherlands - 51.29 knots (500 m)

Sail number: NED 55
Weight: 95 kg
Height: 195 cm
Age: 33

Set again in Luderitz at the Speed Canal, Namibia, Jurjen placed his authority in the top 5 fastest sailors to date blasting out 51.29 nots over 500 meters. His average speed is 51.39 knots overall. For 100 meters he remained over the 53 mark comfortably at 53.23 knots. Hi all time fastest speed peaked to 53.47 knots just a touch below Patrik's insane 53.53 knots.

Over 250 m Jurjen's speed recorded 52.48 knots.

This brings us to the two fastest windsurfers fighting over first place.


#2 Anders Bringdal - Sweden - 51.54 knots (500 m)

Sail number: SWE 10
Weight: 103 kg
Height: 193 cm
Age: 46
Rides for: Mistral, Gasoil, Neil Pryde, AL 360, Da kine

Anders set his records at the Luderitz Speed Canal in the country of Namibia. His current average speed is 51.40 knots and over 500 meters he clocked 51.54 knots putting him in second place. His 250 m run recorded 51.92 knots, Anders also holds the fastest speed in windsurfing over 100 m at an incredible 53.4 knots.

Anders is the first person to break into the 50 knot mark over 500 m on a windsurfer which many hail as a proud moment in windsurfing history. His all-time fastest speed is 53.59 knots.

Interestingly these speeds were attained in a wind range of around 35 - 40 knots.


#1 Antoine Albeau - France - 52.05 knots (500 m)

Sail number: F 192
Weight: 99 kg
Height: 186
Age: 41
Rides for: RRD / Neilpryde / Quiksilver / Ford Autovital / Sosh Orange / Ile de Re / Group Rhinos / Garmin

The fastest windsurfer for 500 m is Antoine Albeau with a speed just over the 52 mark at 52.05 knots which set a new world speed record in November 2012. His record speed over 250 m is 53.14 knots and over 100 m is 53.95 knots. His peak speed which is his current fastest speed of all is a crazy 54.16 knots making this possibly the fastest speed on a windsurfer to date. He says "Happy with the 54.16knots / 100.3 km/h on the display!!!".

Antoine's average speed is over 52 knots, at 52.13 knots which also makes him the fastest windsurfer in terms of average speed. His speeds were set at the Luderitz Speed Canal.



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