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Is windsurfing easy to learn?

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Is windsurfing easy to learn?

I posted something similar to this earlier on regarding the difficult vs easy aspects of windsurfing. I also touched on the processes of learning for the first time. But for those who have never in their life tried to windsurf, you might wonder if the sport is easy or difficult to learn.

Windsurfing is not as popular as some of the other sports, such as football, tennis or swimming. Those sports also benefit from the fact that they’re also in our schools, social circles, coffee shops, parks and all over the media. So to ask the question, “Is soccer easy to learn” might seem easy to answer because almost everyone has kicked a ball at some point.

However, how many people do you know are windsurfers? Do you know someone who does this sport often enough to tell you what it’s like to learn the basics of the sport? Indeed, when you watch the professional s on TV it looks as though it requires the most talented of people and that it’s probably a very difficult sport to learn.

My bet is that this is a big contributing factor to why some of us don’t try it out. Some think it’s too hard to do so they take their kids to a soccer club or something more common.

The truth is that windsurfing is an amazingly easy sport to learn (I’m talking the general basics). Of course, there are levels of the sport that require exceptional skill, but for those of you looking for easy fun then windsurfing is the answer. Let’s not forget that almost every sport has levels of play that require talent.

Windsurfing is actually getting easier to learn by the year

The main reason is because of improvements in equipment. Lighter, stable and more user friendly equipment make it very easy to rig-up and head out.

Sails carry more range, boards accelerate quicker than before but one thing that isn’t improving is the price. So what do you do?
Second hand is sometimes a good idea.

The newer models of learner boards that are wide, with adjustable bootstraps are the best choice to begin with. A smaller than average sail that’s not super technical like the slalom or race ones is a good idea.

The great thing about these boards is that when buying them second hand, you can be pretty sure that they’re in good condition.


1. People would generally progress onto newer stuff quite quickly
2. They are built to be almost indestructible
3. The person who used it probably didn’t ride it in waves etc.
4. If it was damaged and they tried to repair it, you’d probably notice it right away considering their limited experience in the sport and, if it had been professionaly repaired then that’s ok since you’re not obsessed with performance.

So get some beginner stuff and give it a go.



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