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Weather flow

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Weather flow

Ever heard of a weather meter for your iPhone? Introducing Weather Flow for iPhone, it's a neat little thing that I got for my birthday in March this year. I was pretty chuffed about it so I thought to do a quick article on what I think so far. So here is my amateur review since I'm no professional "reviewist person".

The Weather flow device itself fits snug in the palm of your hand, it is light in weight and blue in colour. The unit also comes in a tight little box case which houses the thing fine when you're not using it. It protects the blades which are the most sensitive part and you'll need a hard case like the one it comes in. I like that because unlike other products where you throw the box away, this one's box is quite useful. It plugs into a little hole in the same way it would in your iPhone as you can see in the pics below.

Weather flow box in hand Weather flow back of box Weather flow box from side
Weather flow out box Weather flow side view in hand Weather flow front view in hand



I was quite surprised how sensitive the blades were. I blew it and it picked up the speed quite quickly. It also seems pretty consistent with the weather charts, obviously the speeds are slightly different on the water especially if there are windless pockets on shore.

It works with iPod, iPhone and Android devices according to the back of the box and as you can see it records speeds in different units. For example, you can use knots, km or miles per hour. You can set it to seconds or meters as well.

It also uses your iPhone to give you the wind direction, I messed around with it a bit to try and pull out a wrong direction which seems it can happen. However you have to move your phone back and forth to throw the reading off which none of us would do anyway.

The app is pretty user friendly, just open it and all is straight forward. It's not packed with features and facilities but its purpose is for wind speed anyway so it does the job.

The app does have a few useful tools anyway. It logs previous readings and has some social element it as well.


Weather flow app start Weather flow app speed Weather flow app report
Weather flow app menu Weather flow app settings Weather flow app speed settings



One downside is that I had to get a new iPhone case so it could fit correctly, so make sure that your case has a hole that lines up nicely otherwise it will be tricky to insert the device. My cover's hole seemed to be a bit too tight for the device's fitting to slide through.

I'm not sure if it was the app or my iPhone itself, but every now and then the volume slider would pop up as if it were ear-phones. No big deal, it could be my phones connection or the case pressing on the pin.

 Weather flow load app fail



Would I buy this for one of my mates? I sure as hell would.

You can pick them off amazon pretty cheap as shown below for example.



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