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What is Planing?

In windsurfing we often use the word "Planing". You may have heard it somewhere and wondered, what the hell is that?

Planing is similar to Aquaplaning when driving your car fast through a puddle of water, there's a sudden release and you're slipping and sliding. Similar to throwing a stone in a way that it skips across the water.

In order to start planing on a windsurfer, you need to build enough speed so that the water beneath the board gives way and let's go its grip. There is also a pre-planing phase, where the board is on the verge about to release, but not yet fully planing, there will be a shimmering or shuddering feel at this point. Many who experience this for the first time believe they are plaining, but they're not. To be fully planing, speed needs to be increased further so that the water gives way totally. That's when you and your entire rig, are all skipping effortlessly and without drag, on a small section under the back of your board.

This is the unexplainable sensation that windsurfers become addicted to.

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