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Windsurfing Tips & Tricks

Here is a place where you can read and watch content that will help you get more from your windsurfing. This is a work in progress and we hope to continually add more as we go. Users are welcome to add articles of their own and help share their helpful info.

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Here you can find a list of some helpful articles that relate to skill in the beginner category of windsurfing.

Keep in mind that these are fundamentals in windsurfing. They are all essential to enjoy the basics of windsurfing. It's generally a good idea to first have a good feel for these skill sets before trying to do anything in the intermediate or advanced sections.

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Here is a list of how to articles that contain windsurfing skills that fall under the intermediate level.

Those who have good experience in windsurfing and would like to take the sport a little further then this is a good place to hang around. The intermediate level is vast and it doesn't necessarily mean you have to master all the intermediate skill before doing something advanced.


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Here lay skills that most consider advanced. This is probably the most wide-ranged category of all. Mostly because skills such as loops, although considered advanced, are a long way behind more complex moves that are new to the sport.

Those who want to push their own limits or the limits of windsurfing should check this section out.

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