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The Forward Loop

Forward looping is a signature move of windsurfing, there are so many variations to the forward loop, so we are going to start with the basic forward loop.

Firstly you need some speed, not blistering speed just good speed if we can call it that. You should also be going downwind a bit and you don't need massive air to do the forward loop. You need a ramp that's not too steep and of course the right pre-skills and attitude to throw yourself into your first forward loop. You have to commit to it in a confident way, there is no changing your mind half way and it's all or nothing.

There are many tips and tricks to be read on how to do the foward loop and we'll cover them here, but it's important that you don't think about it too much when doing it. It's hard to break the steps down and picture them while you are trying to do the forward loop, that's because it's a fast all-in-one motion / manoeuvre. Sometimes you just have to go for it, the "pre-know-how" isn't as complicated as you might think.

The forward loop starts before you are actually airborne. Your hand should be shifting way back down the boom and at this point there is no thought of hesitation. As you launch your front arm should be extending forward. Most people push the sail directly forward away from them, instead the rig is forward and across you putting you into a beautiful forward loop position.

Now that you are downwind in the air, with a wide grip...

 A Forward Loop

this is when you sheet in with your back hand and tuck your feet in (pull that back leg hard). The momentum does the rest of the work you just have to hang on especially with that back hand, it will be like a catapult but in a good way.

Look out for your landing spot, it's normal to land on your back the first few tries. You can even try on purpose to land on your back by doing just the rotation and jumping off your board.


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