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The Body Drag

The Body Drag is one of those windsurfing tricks that is cool and popular simply because it looks like so much fun, everyone wants to give it a go even for no competitive reason. When you drag your body through the water while planing, provided you don't leave your shorts behind, it still turns heads if you can get it right. This is how.

You need to be fully powered up and planing, not blistering speed and not too slow. Next you need to be heading downwind slightly, but not too much and you definitely do not want to be blasting upwind when you initiate the Body Drag. When you are slightly downwind you'll do the body drag and here are some tips to keep in mind.

Don't jump off, not only will this stretch your arms, it will create way too much sudden-drag that you'll stop planing and instantly go from a body drag to a waterstart. Don't drag for too long, the more you drag the more you slow down and you need enough speed to get back on again. Try not extend your arms fully, this makes it harder to get back on. Try not to drag your entire body, although it's called the body drag, you actually only want to drag from the waist down. Everything above the waist should be out the water, even if it's just the legs that's perfect. Don't forget to unhook!

When getting off the board it's recommend to start with your front leggie first and then your back leg. The whole drag is usually pretty quick, as you get in you get back on, don't go on dragging for too long.

Remember also to keep your arms bent when doing the actual drag, this will keep your upper body out the water and keep the speed while letting your legs drag in the water.

Finally, if you struggle to get back on, you can try the amateur body drag. This requires you to drag yourself from the waterstart position so that you don't need to be getting off the board while planing. This can help you to focus on dragging yourself and then climbing on the board, at a much slower pace of course.

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